BPM Solutions: Focus India

STIO offers Business Process Management solutions that are specially designed and developed for India! Our BPM solutions include

a) Order-To-Cash -> For the SME customers, being able to deliver on- time is an absolute requirement to sustain and grow. STIO connects the key activities in the Order-To-Cash process in a simple and intuitive manner. An order from the time of receipt through production, stores management, inspection, shipment and finally invoice generation is automated thereby enabling enterprises save time and money through smarter working capital management and better utilization of available resources.

b) Procure-To-Pay -> Purchasing is as important as Order fulfillment, companies aiming to sustain their leadership position, automate procurement process to improve transparency, save inventory holding costs, space and improve team productivity. Especially valuable to those businesses that have multiple offices & project sites, our procurement solutions reduce complexity. From the point of registering a vendor to generating purchase order through inspection of received goods, the solution eliminates delays and improves team productivity.

c) Document Portals -> Our document portal solutions are available in a variety of forms. Customers can choose between simple applications, to enterprise wide workflow automation solutions and document portals. Any organization that has number of documents to manage can effectively simplify the process and improve team productivity by automating the process.

Key aspects

  • Standard versions of the solutions are all available on a Software As A Service (SaaS) model, hosted on Hamara.in platform
  • Secure, Scalable and Extensible
  • Affordable
  • Designed for India!!

Experience: STIO has vast experience in the design and development of business process management solutions. In addition to the key process automation solutions, STIO has successfully deployed content management solutions, e-commerce solutions and dynamic website solutions within India.

Business Model: STIO offers flexible business models but our preferred model is "fixed and outcome based" - to reduce risk, improve certainty and provide full value to clients on their every $ of investment. Post implementation support is available at convenient pricing options.

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